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Term one Begins
Frequently Asked Questions EmptySat Aug 13, 2011 3:24 pm by Headmistress Kathryn
Term 1 starts September 1st!

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Special Powers
Frequently Asked Questions EmptyFri Aug 12, 2011 1:35 am by Headmistress Kathryn
Special Powers applications are up and will be open until November 30th, at which point the term will end and the staff will go over all the applicants and choose the best. We will let you know by the start of term 2 who has received special powers! You can Apply for these special powers Here!

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Term 1 begins
Frequently Asked Questions EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 5:41 pm by Headmistress Kathryn
Welcome to Hogwarts! Be sure to get sorted or apply for a job position!

Our very first term here at Hogwarts 2011 is about to begin!


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 Frequently Asked Questions

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Headmistress Kathryn
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Frequently Asked Questions Empty
PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 6:43 pm

Q: How do I advance in years?
A: By doing your homework. At the end of each term you can apply for a year up. All you have to do is do at least 20% of all the homework to earn your year up.

Q: Do I have to take classes?
A: We can not force you to take the classes offered at Hogwarts, although this is recommended as the best way to earn house points. The points you earn from homework will also help you year up. So if you wish to advance in years, do as much homework as you can.

Q: Oh my, there are so many places to go! Where should I start?
A: Your Common Room is usually a great place to start. There are often introduction threads in your Common Room. The Great Hall and the sidetables for Hogwarts both have important notices.

Q: Other people are second/third/etc. year students! How do I drop my First Year title?
A: At the end of every Hogwarts term, a Year-Up Application is presented. By doing plenty of homework, being active and Role-Playing a lot, being an overall good student, and submitting this application , you will be considered for advancement.

Q: How do I get Sorted?
A: Once you have registered, go to the Sorting Hat, fill out in a reply what The Sorting Hat asks you to provide and wait paitently. Any bugging of The Sorting Hat on when you will be sorted will result at youbeing placed at the BOTTOM of the sorting list! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Q: What about becoming a Professor? You forgot that one!
A: Professor positions are typically applied for, although occasionally Professor positions are given to responsible members of the elder or graduated Hogwarts community. Professors remain on the Staff as long as they continue to manage their responsibilities (including activity, especially in planning events for Hogwarts, and teaching their respective class). When a Professor steps down or moves up, their spot may be opened up. Applicants are expected to be able to handle these responsibilities and handle their authority well.

Q: How do I become a Prefect?

A: To become a Prefect, the student must be an active member of the community with House-pride and a track record of helping others out and doing good things around the site. Usually, a member must be around the site for a few months before acquiring any position. Prefects are responsible for encouraging activity within and outside of their House. Heads of Houses may choose a Prefect or open applications.

Q: How do I become a Quidditch Captain?
A: To become a Quidditch Captain, the student likely has a history with Quidditch, having been on the team as an active member who contributes both to the team itself and the site. Quidditch Captains have a lot of responsibility as they work both with their own team by running any try-outs and regular practices and commanding games. Quidditch Captains are either chosen by their Head of House or chosen from a pool of applicants.

Q: How can I become Head Boy or Head Girl?
A: Head Boys and Head Girls are picked by the Staff from Prefects and Quidditch Captains either at the beginning of new terms or when said Head Boy or Head Girl steps down. These two members must exemplify all of the important qualities of a Prefect. Like the Prefects, the Head Boy and Head Girl are encouraged to keep an eye on the other students and encourage good behaviour.

Q: What do all these acronyms people use mean?
A: H. stands for Hogwarts ; HoH stands for Head of House; HG/HB stands for Head Girl/Head Boy; MoM stands for Minister of Magic or Ministry of Magic; QC stands for Quidditch Captain.

Q: Wait! There are more weird ones!
A: ...CR stands for Common Room; CoMC stands for Care of Magical Creatures; DADA stands for Defense Against the Dark Arts; RoR stands for Room of Requirement; GH stands for Great Hall...

Q: That's still not all of them!
A: RP stands for Role-Play; RPer stands for Role-Player; RPG stands for Role-Playing Game; OOC stands for Out of Character; IC stands for In Character; RL/IRL stands for Real Life/In Real Life.

Q: Can I use netspeak?
A: No.

Q: How do I get House points?
A: Primarily by doing homework. Each point you receive for doing homework wins your House points. Also, there are occasional Role-Playing contests, during which you can win your House points. Other opportunities for House points will present themselves; keep an eye out. Once Quidditch is set up, this will also give House points.

Q: How do I play Quidditch?
A: The rules are still a Work In Progress. Once they are completed, Quidditch members will be taught all they need to know.

Q: Why did my thread get locked?
A: It is likely that you were breaking a rule. Check your inbox; a Prefect or higher power will have stated their reason.

Q: I have a BRILLIANT idea for the site!
A: Great! Check the Suggestion Box to see if it has already been posted and if so, you ought to post your support for it! If not, start a new thread in the Suggestion Box posting your idea.

Q: What are the size limits for my signature?
A: 400 pixels wide by 150 pixels in height.

Q: How do I get one of those nice signatures some people have?

A: Currently we do not have anyone on staff to make your nice signatures for you, but by all means, if you would like the job, send the Headmistress an owl with your request and a sample of your work!

Q: How do I get money?
A: You can access Gringott's Bank in Diagon Alley and open a new account there. You can earn Galleons by posting on the site. Occasional contests present you with galleons you can win.

Q: What sort of things should I avoid posting about?
A: Firstly, your character is either a witch or a wizard, and in most forums, is at Hogwarts. Remembering the rules of Hogwarts, electronic equipment does not work and you cannot Apparate anywhere inside the campus. Next, Hogwarts is a PG-14 site; sexuality must be kept at a minimum (absolutely nothing graphic) and language must also be very tame. Violence is not usually a problem, but also keep in mind the rating if you touch upon violence as well. Thirdly, Hogwarts is mostly a Role-Playing site, therefore keep in mind how to Role-Play.

Q: How do I join my House's Quidditch Team?
A: Any open positions will likely have ongoing try-outs posted in your House Common Room by the Quidditch Captain in your House. If there are none open at the moment, be patient. If there are open position, fill out the application provided.

Q: I want this item, but I don't have enough money!

A: Save up your galleons so that you can buy it eventually. We are currently working on setting up a donation center as well as a loan office!

Q: I want this item, but it isn't in any stores!
A: This item is likely a rare item. Certain rare items are only allowed to certain members of the site, such as Hogwarts Graduates or Staff members. Other rare items are the prizes from past contests and games Hogwarts has done. Some members might be willing to trade or sell their items, but if that member refuses your offer, don't persist! This rare clearly means a lot to them.

Q: This forum is private! Why?
A: Some forums are only accessible to certain people and organizations. For example, you must be on the Quidditch Team to have access to House Quidditch Rooms, you can't access the opposite gender's dormitory, you can't go into other House's Common Rooms, the Prefect Lounge is only accessible to Prefects, Quidditch Captains, and up, and the Staff Lounge is only accessible to Staff.

Q: Why is my Role-Play not getting any attention?
A: Sometimes Role-Plays take some time to get replied to. Also, your Role-Play might not be what others are looking for. If you're really worried and want someone to Role-Play with you, you should nicely ask some people to join in your Role-Play. Try not to start too many new Role-Plays; you might want to even try joining in with other people's, but remember to respect any Role-Player's option to close their Role-Play off to only a few certain people.

Q: Am I supposed to be in character all of the time?
A: When you are Role-Playing, yes, and that is primarily what you do on Hogwarts. In the Great Hall and your Common Room there are occasionally OOC (out of character) threads for announcements, in which you can be OOC. Same for a few game and chatter threads in the dormitories and in planning forums and Suggestion Box.

Q: Can I edit my posts?
A: No. If every student could edit their posts, we would have a lot of students trying to cover up rules they broke and so on and so forth. We're not going to change it anytime soon. However, Prefects and up can edit posts, so if you made a mistake in your post and really need someone to edit it, owl the Prefect/Staff/Etc. and make a proper request, telling them what happened and what you need changed.

Q: I have a question that wasn't answered in here!
A: The best people to take your questions to are your House Prefects and Quidditch Captain, your Head of House, or another Staff member. Most members are willing to help you out, but members with higher titles have more experience and are likely to know more answers.

Q: When can I apply for a Professor position?

A: Although positions may be empty during terms, applications are usually opened during term breaks, month long periods between three month terms. If applications are open, there will almost always be an announcement on the homepage and in the Great Hall.

Q: Where do I get a wand?
A: Well... If you were a true Harry Potter fan, you'll know. For those who haven't a clue try visiting Ollivander's in Diagon Alley.

Q: How do I become a Vampire or gain a Special Power?
A: At certain times of the year applications are opened for Special Powers. These applications remain open for a month then are moved to a forum and discussed amongst the staff. Please note that this is a long process and you must have patience with the staff if you don't wish to annoy them.

Q: How can I change my password?
A: Go to your profile and click Modify profile, enter your new password twice where it says to at the top...bingo!.

Q: How do I change my age?
A: Because the age of your character is tied to the D.O.B you enroll with, it is scripted to give us an age. If you got this date wrong, then your age will be displayed wrong. If you wish to fix this you need to submit a ticket asking for an age change and write down the exact D.O.B you wish. Day, Month and Year. Then you have to wait patiently. Please remember that the staff are very busy and if we get annoyed at constant prodding, we will not do what you wish us to do for you.

Q: I've taken the Sorting Hat quiz and have still not been sorted. When will I be sorted?
A: When you first join the site, you will be told to go take the sorting quiz. Once you have taken the quiz, you have to wait for one of the Staff sort you. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. But, please know that everyone will be sorted within 24 hours of joining the site unless we are doing maintenance on the server. Then it may take longer, but there are usually notices to inform users about this.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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