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Term one Begins
Lesson 2 - Boil Cure EmptySat Aug 13, 2011 3:24 pm by Headmistress Kathryn
Term 1 starts September 1st!

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Special Powers
Lesson 2 - Boil Cure EmptyFri Aug 12, 2011 1:35 am by Headmistress Kathryn
Special Powers applications are up and will be open until November 30th, at which point the term will end and the staff will go over all the applicants and choose the best. We will let you know by the start of term 2 who has received special powers! You can Apply for these special powers Here!

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Term 1 begins
Lesson 2 - Boil Cure EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 5:41 pm by Headmistress Kathryn
Welcome to Hogwarts! Be sure to get sorted or apply for a job position!

Our very first term here at Hogwarts 2011 is about to begin!


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 Lesson 2 - Boil Cure

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professor valek
Head of Slytherin House

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Lesson 2 - Boil Cure Empty
PostSubject: Lesson 2 - Boil Cure   Lesson 2 - Boil Cure EmptyMon Aug 15, 2011 11:02 am

Valek walked briskly into his office, the door closing behind him silently. "OK, you lot. Today we are going to be learning about the Boil cure potion, more commonly known as Cure for Boils. This potion is very easy to create, though SOME of you may have difficulty with this lesson. If you find yourself having trouble, then do NOT bother me with them, this is a first year potion that even you muggle-borns should be able to make if you read the directions correctly." He glared around at his students. He just knew that at least ONE of them was going to mess this potion up, which was sad really, because it was the easiest potion they would be learning this term.

Valek waved his wand, and the assignments that had been on his desk handed themselves out to his students. "Now, this is the recipe for the Boil Cure Potion, I suggest you read them CAREFULLY, unless that is, you want to be covered in very painful boils. I want nothing other than perfection, though I doubt you'll be able to achieve as much. Well, what are you waiting for? Begin!" he walked around his desk and sat down, ready to watch them, ready to jump up at a moment's notice should something go wrong, and he had a feeling that it would.

I want you to RP yourself making this potion, in no less than 100 words. Maximum of 300-500 words please, I don't want large essays on this. Make sure to include the ingredients in your rp, amounts if you can, though the amounts are NOT a necessity. WORTH 20 POINTS

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Lesson 2 - Boil Cure
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