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Term one Begins
The Rules for Hogwarts 2011 EmptySat Aug 13, 2011 3:24 pm by Headmistress Kathryn
Term 1 starts September 1st!

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Special Powers
The Rules for Hogwarts 2011 EmptyFri Aug 12, 2011 1:35 am by Headmistress Kathryn
Special Powers applications are up and will be open until November 30th, at which point the term will end and the staff will go over all the applicants and choose the best. We will let you know by the start of term 2 who has received special powers! You can Apply for these special powers Here!

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Term 1 begins
The Rules for Hogwarts 2011 EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 5:41 pm by Headmistress Kathryn
Welcome to Hogwarts! Be sure to get sorted or apply for a job position!

Our very first term here at Hogwarts 2011 is about to begin!


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 The Rules for Hogwarts 2011

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Headmistress Kathryn
Headmistress Kathryn

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The Rules for Hogwarts 2011 Empty
PostSubject: The Rules for Hogwarts 2011   The Rules for Hogwarts 2011 EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 6:51 pm

Please realize that by registering to Hogwarts you have agreed to abide by the entirety of this document to the fullest extent possible (to register, you had to agree to the Terms of Service). Broken terms on this page during any point in your stay will be dealt with accordingly.

Multiple Accounts - Multiple accounts are strictly forbidden and any discovered multiple account will result in all of the accounts being expelled, and your IP address banned. While family members are encouraged to join, you must state that a family member is already registered in a owl to the Headmistress once registered (in your sorting application or job application will be fine).

Hacking - Any improper use of scripts on the website, or hacking in any way to the server of Hogwarts will be dealt with according to the severity, to be judged by the staff.

Owl Spamming - Owl spamming is prohibited to the highest degree. Owl spamming is annoying, and takes away time for role-playing. This includes anything relating to: "Join this website," "Visit my store," "Buy my stuff," "Be my boy/girlfriend". Please refrain from this.

Age Limit - Hogwarts maintains a rating of PG-14, to appeal to the first generation of Potter fans (aged 14 and up). With this, comes more freedom to do and say normal things. On the note of cursing, any word that is not in close vulgarity to the "f-bomb" (including the "F-Bomb") are allowed, though not in excess or without good reason. These words are allowed to be spoken to make a more realistic role-play and too much cursing is unrealistic.

On the note of sexuality, we ask that you be kind to fellow users and do not commit the higher acts in large, public places. We do limit you to making out in public forums, but we do not monitor what happens in owls, or esates.

Staff Respect - Staff Witch/Wizards are to be respected at all times. The staff work hard to keep the site running smoothly for the users, and that is not to be overlooked in any case. At all times, Professors are to be referred to as "Sir", "Madam" (depending on their gender) or "Professor".

Staff Decisions - Staff decisions are final, and will not be revoked at any point in time.

Netspeak - Though we cannot control how you type,Hogwarts asks you most politely to type without using "Netspeak" or any form of typing that is not "normal". This includes "L33T", please and thank you.

Prejudice and/or Disrespect - Prejudice is strictly prohibited! Any display of prejudice and/or disrespect (relating to race, sexual orientation or even one's choices) will result in suspension, or more likely, expulsion. Play nice!

Avatars and Signatures - Avatars are to remain under 100x100 pixels (height x width). Avatars are automatically resized, so this should not present itself a problem.

Signatures are to be no larger than 400x150 pixels (height x width). Signatures caught exceeding the limits will be removed without notification, and multiple offenses will result in larger action being taken.

Animated gif signatures must be kept under 300kb. They should be simple and not have too much animation in them, please.

Post Format - Posts are not to be written entirely in caps, or excess use of capitals, exclamation marks or question marks. This includes post titles.

Post Needs - Brand new topics require a limit of two sentences of relating material (ex. posting about lambs in a topic about cows just to define more sentences) and replies do not have a limit (though short replies are frowned upon, but not banned).

Advertising -Hogwarts forbids advertising of any website that we do not consider an affiliate or sister website. This includes direct links, owl links, images, or anything of the sort. The link/owl will be removed upon staff realization.

Drinking - All underage (6th year and below) Witch/Wizards of Hogwarts caught with/consuming alcohol shall be penalized. Note that giving alcohol to someone not of age is also prohibited.

Canon Names - No canon names from either Harry Potter or any other fandom are allowed on this site. This is also true of any "relationships" with canon characters. So relationship between you and Harry Potter will never happen. And having Sirius Black as your uncle is also a no.

Other Canon Names - No canon names from other fandoms are acceptable either. You can not be Bella Swan, or related to a character from another fandom. Also misspelling canon names like "Weesly" or "Dumbledor" is also not acceptable. All names that like this will be deleted as soon as they discovered and you will have to re-enroll with a new username.

Special Powers - Are not to be used on this site unless they are applied for. These "special powers" include vampires, werewolves, the ability to shapeshift, seeing the future. Any threads seen with these or any other special power, will be sealed.

Use of Spells and Curses - A user may only role play spells that the student would know. So, if you are in first year, you can not use a spell that is taught in third year. There is a list of spells that can be used found here if you are uncertain which spells you can use. Unforgivable Curse are not to be used at all. Those caught using them will be punished.

Role Playing of Ages and Year Groups -Each and every student starts out as a first year student, regardless ofage, so please, keep that in mind!
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The Rules for Hogwarts 2011
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